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About Us

Aeolian Wind Technologies, LLC is a located on the Renaissance Worldwide Solutions, LLC (RWS) campus within the Tiger Creek Nature Preserve in Lake Wales, Florida. Wildlife and plant conservation are a way of life in for this rural community of central Florida and it is an ideal environment for a green company to draw inspiration. Corporate headquarters are served by a 15 kW wind turbine mounted atop a 90 foot tall monopole tower and 20 kW solar panels mounted as the glass roof over the company meeting space.

Developed by our Founder and her co-inventor husband, the Aeolian Wind Technologies (AWT) system was created to address the resonance echo effect noted between tower and turbine. The AWT system is patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with the RWS installation serving as proof of concept.


Allison Sakara

Ms. Sakara is a Founding and Managing Member of Renaissance Worldwide Solutions, LLC, the parent company of Aeolian Wind Technologies, LLC and Medical & Regulatory Affairs Specialists, LLC. RWS also is a partner in Natural Air E-Controls, LLC, a technology development company focused on green energy solutions for indoor air quality monitoring and improvement. Ms. Sakara’s science and healthcare background is deeply rooted in research and biomedical technologies, including a master’s degree from Yale University.

Mona Kelley

Ms. Kelley is a Managing Member of Renaissance Worldwide Solutions, LLC. Beginning as a Senior Research Associate for Medical & Regulatory Affairs Specialists, LLC, she quickly rose to full partnership in the parent company (RWS). Ms. Kelley is an expert in the fields of emergency nursing, trauma care, and disaster response. Combining these scientific strengths with many years of national leadership and mentoring, this graduate of Excelsior and Concordia Universities brings a robust skillset to the RWS team.


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